Esonic MQU-350 - Hidden Spy audio recorder with 25hr battery life HQ

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Audio recorder MQU-350 made in Korea is by far one of the best covert audio records on the market today. This Korean made audio recorder is designed by a company who specialises in high quality audio recording equipment. If quality, battery life and reliability are you primary concerns then this is your best choice. This audio recorded features both continuous recording and voice activated recording modes. The unit is small and easy to hide. Place it anywhere in a room and confidentially know that you will capture the conversations you need.  


  • 15 - 25 hours battery life (Setting dependent)
  • Up to 25 days standby time
  • High quality audio recordings
  • Voice activated
  • Time and date stamp
  • Small in size
  • Large built in memory
  • easy to conceal
  • Easy to use
  • Made in Korea