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Audio Enhancements We offer a professional audio enhancement service to improve the overall sound quality of poor recordings such as recordings that have been done to far from a recorder to be heard clearly. We can also attempt to clear up background noise that may cause a recording be somewhat inaudible. Video and Image Enhancements We offer a professional video and image enhancement service to improve overall video or image quality of poor recordings such as CCTV footage and photos that are unclear or too grainy. Video footage that cannot be cleaned up can sometimes still hold valuable information in which case we will build composites of people and scenes to help recreate what was in the original footage. The same techniques can also be applied to photos with similar results. Debugging Services We offer a complete and comprehensive counter surveillance service. The professional sweep of either offices or residences includes a full spectrum scan of all known hostile frequencies and the identification of those frequencies if any. A full typed report can be given after a debugging sweep is complete. The service also includes any physical checks needed and if any hostile transmitting devices are found they will be carefully removed, logged, placed in an evidence bag and handed over to you for further action. Delivery A delivery service is offered around Jo'burg and Pretoria. Deliveries to out-lying areas will be sent by Speed Services for delivery the next business day (provided the order is placed before 14h00).
Audio and video Enhancements will require a non refundable deposit before work begins.